The joy of cul de sacs

Every day, I go out walking with our little dog, for a half hour, an hour, or even more. We just walk around our neighborhood, going different ways each day, enjoying being outside, being together, and getting exercise.

In the beginning, I was the one taking Daisy for the walk, choosing where we would go each day. We would pass cul de sacs, but I would never turn into one. You’d just have to come back out. You wouldn’t be getting anywhere.



Over time, when we got to a corner, Daisy would indicate a preference for going one way or the other, and since we were not going anywhere in particular, I would let her choose the way. This evolved until now she is taking me for the walk, deciding where to go and when to head home.

Soon after she took over, Daisy decided to turn into a cul de sac. My initial reaction mirrored the reason I never did that: We would just have to come back out. But I followed along…and then started thinking about it. Yes, we weren’t getting anywhere. And that was the point. We were just out walking. We weren’t trying to get anywhere. Walking into a cul de sac was a perfect example of that.

Sometimes Daisy turns into a cul de sac and sometimes she doesn’t, except for one favorite cul de sac which she almost never skips when we are in that area. And whenever she does turn in, I now just smile and think, this is just great. We’re not getting anywhere. And that’s just what I like.


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